Meshing – What is Average Element Size

In the next couple of weeks I will be uploading a series of  posts on the topic of meshing a key attribute in obtaining accurate stress analysis results.
In this first article I am going to start of with how Inventor Stress Analysis creates meshes using the average element size value within the Mesh settings dialogue box.

I am going to use the following example to illustrate the effects of different average element size

Average Element Size is not the size of the mesh element. It is best explained as following

This is illustrated below

Below are examples of using different average element sizes

An average element size of 0.05 will create an element size of 5mm, in our example, hence will create 2 element across the thickness of the plate. It is normally good practice  to create at least 2 more elements across the thickness to get a better distribution of stress.

Note: A smaller average element will take a longer time to analyze………..

Hope you found this post useful I will be discussing more on Meshing in the next couple of weeks.

This information is extracted from my book Up and Running with Autodesk Inventor professional 2012 Part 1 – Stress Analysis, which offers a wealth of information including tips and guidance.

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