How to make a Spherical Joint behave like a Revolution Joint?

When using Automatically Convert Constraints to Standard Joints I have found on many occasions that I have to either add more or alter some assembly constraints to get the desired joint. This task can become tedious when a lot more constraints are required,or modified, to get the desired joints.

Here I will show you how easy it is to modify spherical joint (automatically converted from a point-point mate constraint) properties so that it behaves like a revolution joint (which requires at least two assembly constraints or one insert constraint).

Step 1 – Select the spherical joint > Right Click > Select Properties. (Note each Spherical Joint has 3 rotational degrees of freedom)
tep 2 – Is to lock the position of two of the three rotational degrees of freedom. (This will create a spherical joint with one rotational dof about the desired joint axis)
Multiple spherical joints can be selected at once so that they can be modified together – saving time
A green symbol will appear in front of the spherical joint indicating the joint has locked dof.

See more tips like this in the Up and Running with Autodesk Inventor SImulation 2010

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